Brica Clip & Carry Stroller Hook




Keeping it all together is a true balancing act, and moms can always use an extra hand – especially when baby’s along on a shopping trip or errand run. Now you can give your arms a break with Munchkin’s convenient Stroller Hook, a must-have attachment for busy moms on the go. This lightweight stroller hanger helps carry what you can’t fit into your stroller basket or your hands. Just clip it onto a stroller or shopping cart handle and let it do your heavy lifting – the Stroller Hook is sturdy enough to hold multiple shopping bags, your diaper bag and your purse. The unique, patent-pending design won’t pinch or slip off bars. And it closes fully, to ensure nothing falls out or gets left behind. Arm yourself with convenience on your next trip to the mall – you’ll wonder how you ever juggled everything without it.

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