Fibrelux Mattress (27"x 52"x3")


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  • Made from natural non-toxic raw materials, rubberized coconut fibres.
  • Gives good ventilation to prevent suffocation.


  • Orthopaedically Designed.
  • Offers firm and comfortable support to enhance evenly sleeping position for your baby’s spinal muscles, skeletal health development.
  • Ensure good blood circulation of the baby.
  • Effective Anti-Microbial Spectrum protects against problem germs like Pseudomonas, Proteus, Candida, Mildew, Trychophyton, Mentagrophytes, these pathogenic germs responsible for Athlete’s Foot, etc.


  • Undergoes the most stringent tests to meet international products quality standards.
  • Provides the subtle touch of comfort, durability and correct texture, which gives the perfects warmth and feel of a Mother’s arm.


  • Easy washing and drying due to special materials that do not retain fluid.
  • Excellent durability to frequent washing. 

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