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Munchkin Galaxy™ Light Up Foam Playmat


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Tummy time now has a new best friend with the exciting Galaxy™ play mat! This soft, foam surface provides nine 15 by 15 inch tiles creating a safe and comfortable surface for baby to lay and play. Better yet, you don’t need to throw extra toys on the floor because Galaxy™ delivers all the mesmerizing entertainment needed with 10 unique LED light shows built into the console. A simple tap on the console and bursts of light in all different colors captivate your baby as they laugh and play. Great for all ages, the tiles have cutout circles and connectors for baby to piece together as they grow and learn. Mom and Dad, feel free to lie down and join in the fun while teaching baby the different colors that appear with each sequence!

The only play mat that bursts to life with just a tap!

  • 10 sequences of LED light shows entertain your baby
  • Tap to play, gives baby action and result feedback
  • 9 soft foam tiles provides 14 square feet of play space
  • Available in color combinations of Pink & Green or Blue & Green
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (included)
  • BPA-free

0 – 5 Years

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