Pura PRACSD03 Silicone Sealing Disks 3pk
Pura PRACSD03 Silicone Sealing Disks 3pk
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Pura PRACSD03 Silicone Sealing Disks 3pk

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Our colorful sealing disks can be used in the most obvious manner for breast milk storage but also allow our Kiki bottles to be used a small water bottles or even snack cups for school age kids as they are the perfect size for a lunch boxes.

In addition, free thinking adults might even recognize the ability of the Kiki bottles with a silicone lid to be used to carry adult beverages on camping trips, to the beach, or on-board a sailboat. Unbreakable stainless steel and plastic-free construction is not just for kids!

• 100% plastic-free bottle sealing disk crafted from medical grade silicone
• Each pack of disks includes three colors to allow for color coding
• Meets all FDA, CPSC, EN14350, European Commission 10/2011, German LFGB regulations and/or guidelines
• Patent pending design




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