Pura PRACTC02 Travel Cover 2pk
Pura PRACTC02 Travel Cover 2pk
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Pura PRACTC02 Travel Cover 2pk

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This revolutionary design not only eliminates plastic components but provides much improved functionality as it does not "pop" off the bottle when jostled about in a bag.

Also in accordance with re-purposing philosophy, the travel caver can also be used as a plastic-free snack cup for toddlers in a stroller, pram or car seat!

• Covers & protects the nipple of spout while on the go

• Secure fit prevents leaking — all other nipple covers are plastic and they easily fall off in one's bag. Our design is secure even when jostled about

• Tinted opaque blue now

• As with all products in the Kiki line the travel cover is 100% plastic-free

• Meets all FDA, CPSC, EN14350, European Commission 10/2011, German LFGB regulations and/or guidelines





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