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Galt produces and sells quality toys that meet the needs of all stages of child development from 0-10 years.

Galt products are designed to be fun and to encourage learning through play. Traditionally, the company is associated with art, craft, and activity products. In more recent years, Galt has established a name for itself in the First Years category with the innovative Playnest.

Baby toys that blend entertainment with child development

Recognizing that toys are essential for nurturing children's cognitive and motor skills and sparking imagination and creativity in early childhood, Galt stands as a brand committed to holistic child development. So, whether you're seeking a science kit or coloring books for toddlers, you'll find a diverse range of baby toys and learning materials in our collection. Each item ensures fun and enjoyment and cultivates skills that will prove invaluable as your child grows and develops. 

STEM toys for children of all ages

From the earliest days of infancy to the playful stages of toddlerhood, we believe every child deserves a toy that captivates and nurtures their critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity during the formative years.

Dive into our carefully curated selection of foundational learning materials, where puzzles act as gateways to the world of primary numbers, the alphabet, shapes, and more, setting the stage for an enriched educational journey.

Galt's collection of STEM toys is designed to ignite your child’s curiosity. From engaging chemistry kits enabling fun experiments at home to eye-catching timetable cards paving the way for knowledge in multiplication, we offer a range of baby toys to enhance every child’s playtime. 

For the budding artist, we're proud to offer an array of craft kits, including jewelry-making sets and vibrant coloring books. These creative outlets provide a delightful canvas for your child's imaginative expression. 

For mums and dads looking to forge unforgettable bonding moments with their little ones, our assortment of enjoyable multiplayer games, including classic boards like Snakes and Ladders and modern-day obstacle marble racing courses, provide an ideal opportunity for shared play and collaboration.

Explore Infantino's curated Galt collection

Browse our range of STEM toys, like our anatomy kits and time-reading sets, or indulge in an artistic venture with our captivating toddler books.

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