Collection: Rocker & Bouncers

A baby's bouncer or rocker is a cherished companion — a soothing retreat for infants and a helpful tool for parents. Infantino has an array of baby rockers in Singapore that combine safety, functionality and enchanting designs to cradle your little one.

Our range of baby rockers in Singapore

Infantino’s rockers are crafted for the modern family, prioritising safety, versatility and ease of use. Rest assured that each of our products is engineered to meet stringent safety standards while offering simplicity for parents with its foldable and easy-to-clean nature.

Choose from a multi-faceted rocker that effortlessly converts to a co-sleeper or any of our practical and playful rockers featuring characters that children love. Whether you require a quiet bouncer to comfort your newborn or a dynamic rocker to entertain your little one, we’ve got you covered with quality childcare solutions.

How our rockers and bouncers help you with childcare

A rocker or bouncer lets parents do other important stuff while also working as a dynamic tool that aids in children's early development. Here’s how they seamlessly fit into the delicate balance of childcare:

  • Soothing harmony — A consistent rocking motion offers a comforting embrace to your baby, reminiscent of the sway they felt in the womb. This calming effect can help soothe even the most unsettled little ones.
  • Movement and growth — When your baby initiates rocking, they're having fun and bolstering their physical abilities. This subtle workout can help strengthen their core, enhance motor skills and lay the foundation for physical milestones ahead.
  • A safe retreat — Designed with safety at the forefront, our rockers come with secure harnesses, ensuring your baby stays safely cradled as you step away. This provides the peace of mind you need to take a breath or attend to life’s other demands.
  • Routine reinforcement — Our rockers serve as a familiar space where your baby can unwind, play or drift off to sleep, helping establish a consoling and consistent daily rhythm.
  • Engaging discovery — Some of our models are also equipped with playful and sensory-stimulating attachments that encourage curious eyes and hands to explore. As they reach for vibrant toys and respond to gentle vibrations, babies can sharpen their sensory and cognitive skills.

        With our baby rockers in Singapore, Infantino brings a balance of nurturing care, developmental support and personal freedom right to your living room.

        The Infantino difference

        Choosing Infantino means investing in a brand recognised for excellence with multiple awards. We take pride in our role as a founding member of MITAS (Maternal and Infant Trade Association of Singapore), reflecting our commitment to quality and safety. And with every purchase, we extend our support to the Singapore Children's Society, because we believe every child deserves the best start in life.

        Shop with us today for the ultimate rocking comfort

        Discover baby rockers in Singapore with Infantino and give your child the gift of gentle motion and cheerful play. Our carefully curated rocker selection, featuring the lightweight Bonbijou bouncer and captivating character-themed rockers, is made to envelop your little one comfortably while sparking their imagination.

        Visit our showroom or explore our collections online with the ease and security of our user-friendly shopping platform. Enjoy the convenience of free local delivery on orders over $50, and trust in our dedication to hassle-free service.