Bonbijou Osito 5-in-1 Baby Cot

The day has finally arrived when your baby has been safely delivered in the hospital. You can’t wait to bring your baby back home to his nursery that you and your hubby have painstakingly decorated for the past nine months! Fully equipped with all the baby essentials like the beautiful dresser, warm lighting, and yes, the cot!

But how do you get down to choosing the most suitable cot you’re your baby? After all, there are so many in the market these days, whether you get them at the baby fairs, baby specialty shops or even IKEA, how do you even decide which is the most economical for you?

Usually cots do not have a “long usage lifespan”. Once the baby has reached a certain length or weight, out goes the cot and a whole load of cash that you spent on it. What a waste of money!!

Not anymore, because I have the ideal solution that makes all mummies happy! The BONBIJOU OSITO 5-IN-1 COT was a life changer for me and my little one!

This beautiful piece of furniture was a dream come true! It allows easy access to your little ones with just one hand, thanks to the cleverly designed one-hand drop-side mechanism. You can put down the side of the cot with one had, while carrying baby in the other. It also boasts a 3 -position adjustable mattress height to cater to the growing baby!

Its compact design is the solution if you are thinking of saving much needed space in the room. Built with high grain quality New Zealand Pine Wood/Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) board, it gives the added assurance of sturdiness and wonderful structure of this cot. A bonus would be its noiseless castor wheels with a brake-locking system (that actually calms the baby) so you can push the cot from one room to another without even making a sound! How’s that for mobility!

The clever engineers at Bonbijou have placed durable teething rails on both sides of the cot that will actually protect your baby’s teeth and gums once he starts teething and chews everything in his way!!

And now for the best part in my opinion… This wonderful cot can actually be used until the baby (or not so baby) has reached a weight of 60 kg! Even I can get in the cot and have a snooze! You can probably imagine just how sturdy this creation is.

I highly recommend every parent to purchase this affordable and super worth it cot!! (Y)


Mummy Mylene

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