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Bonbijou 3-in-1 Zee Seat (Booster Seat, Baby Base & Step Stool)

Bonbijou 3-in-1 Zee Seat (Booster Seat, Baby Base & Step Stool)

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Product Description

Looking for a child seat that is versatile, comfortable and safe?

Look no further than the Bonbijou 3-in-1 Zee Seat!

It has very spacious seating, soft comfortable foam insert, a 3-point harness and a removable tray to keep your little one cozy and secure. The Bonbijou 3-in-1 Zee Seat is not only easy to use, but also to carry about, making it the perfect travel companion for busy parents. It can be used as a floor seat, a booster seat on a dining chair, or a feeding seat and even a step stool!

The portable Zee seat works just as well sitting with the family at the dining table or on the floor during precious family time. Unique to the Zee seat are its adjustable legs with 3 different height levels and even a thoughtful carry strap for unmatched portability.

The Bonbijou 3-in-1 Zee seat is e-Zee to clean, e-Zee to transport, and e-Zee to store. Whether you need a seat for playtime, mealtime, or travel, the Bonbijou 3-in-1 Zee seat has you covered.

Features And Benefits

Suitable for 6 months and up to 3 years (up to 15kg).
Removable Tray and Tray top
Spacious Seating
3 Adjustable Height Levels
Unmatched portability

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