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Bonbijou Premium Mosquito Net With Stand

Bonbijou Premium Mosquito Net With Stand

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At A Glance

Bonbijou's Premium Mosquito Net makes it easy to create an even snugger and cozier place to sleep for your little ones. The sheer mesh fabric acts as a screen and softens bright lights, as well as allow air to circulate freely, all while protecting your baby from mosquito bites. The mosquito net is easy to attach and remove from the crib and is washable. A perfect accessory for your baby's crib.

Bonbijou’s 4-In-1 Cozy Bassinet is the perfect choice for a safe and comfortable cocoon for your little one to play, relax and sleep.

Features And Benefits

  • 5 adjustable heights
  • Polyester net is hand washable
  • Stand is dismantlable for easy storage
  • Stand is clampable to most cot models with tightness adjustable
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