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Cheeky Bon Bon

Cheeky Bon Bon Fitted Sheet For Baby Mattress

Cheeky Bon Bon Fitted Sheet For Baby Mattress

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Product Description

100% pure cotton for ultimate comfort and safety. Used over, under or around your baby!

It's designed with basic motifs in a repetitive format that benefits baby during tummy-time in cot, and develops baby’s focusing skill with bigger motifs... Indulge in Cheeky Bon Bon's high quality 100% pure cotton range that offers all your favourite bedding coordinates. It is also washable!

Soft cotton crib sheets will offer the perfect sleep comfort for your baby!


Parents' favourite bedding choice since 1993.
Cover material made from 100% long combed cotton that frays, pills, wrinkles, and fades less compared to short combed cotton.
Feels soft and soothing for babies.
Non-toxic colourfast print.
Allergen-free, safe for sensitive skin.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (cm): Fits baby mattresses up to 71 x 132cm
Outer Cover Material: Soft 100% pure cotton
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