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Deeyeo Kitchen Wet Wipes (80pcs per pack)

Deeyeo Kitchen Wet Wipes (80pcs per pack)

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Product Specification:

250mm x 200mm

Net Content:

80 pieces


Soft spunlace non-woven fabric, EDI purified water, glucoside, cocoyl hexanoyl cocoate, benzalkine

Storage Conditions:

Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight

Main active ingredients and their content: Benzafenammonium 0.09%-0.11% (mass fractional effect). Microbial killing category: This product has tea fork effect on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Scope Of Use:

It is suitable for cleaning the surfaces of kitchen appliances such as hand range hoods, gas stoves, stoves, dining springs, washing pools, boosters, exhaust fans, and refrigerators.

How To Use:

Simply open the seal sticker, and the wipes are ready for use. Do keep the sticker lid closed to keep the wet wipes moist.


Only for wiping items

Keep out of reach of children

Please avoid direct contact with eyes or wounds

This product is incompatible with water, please do not throw it into the toilet after use

Shelf Life:

2 years

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