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Deeyeo Soft Face Towels (60pcs per pack)

Deeyeo Soft Face Towels (60pcs per pack)

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Product Name:

Deeyeo Soft Face Towels

Product Specification:

200mm x 200mm

Net Content:

60 pieces


Soft spunlace non-woven fabric


Store in a cool and dry place, away from fire sources
Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion
Do not throw into the toilet, so as not to cause blockage
After wiping hands and face, it can be collected and used as a rag

Scope Of Application:

Suitable for both children and adults
Replacing traditional towels and facial tissues, it can be used as a disposable face towel
Cleansing of hands, mouth, face and buttocks
It can also be used during make-up, and make-up removal
Product fiber composition and content: 60% viscose fiber 440% polyester fiber
The fibre used in theses wipes is derived from wooden cellulose extracted from trees. It has good skin resistance, high moisture absorption rate, and good air permeability.

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