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Maya & Friends

Maya & Friends Foldable Bath Tub

Maya & Friends Foldable Bath Tub

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The foldable baby bathtub is suitable for infants and children of different ages. The arc design of the edge of the bathtub can prevent children from being injured, There is a shower socket on the edge of the bathtub so that the baby can enjoy a more comfortable bath.

With temperature sensing water plug, the water plug will turn white when the temperature exceeds 39 deg C, and blue when the temperature is below 39 deg C, making it easy and convenient to control the water temperature to avoid scalding.

The tub is easily kept by folding and it even has hook holes for easy storage and carrying. And is made with high quality PP and TPE materials, making it environmental friendly and non-toxic.

Note: Please use it under the care of an adult. Do not leave the baby alone to prevent drowning
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