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Maya & Friends

Maya & Friends Portable Baby Food & Formula Container

Maya & Friends Portable Baby Food & Formula Container

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Hey, busy parents! Do you need a convenient way to store and carry your baby's food and formula? Look no further than the Maya & Friends Portable Baby Food & Formula Container! The container is made of durable, BPA-free plastic that is easy to clean. Whether you're traveling, going out for a picnic, or just running errands, the Maya & Friends Portable Baby Food & Formula Container is the perfect companion for feeding your little one on the go!


Multipurpose: The container is not only a milk powder container but can also be used for variety of other items like snacks, nuts, and cereal.

Separate Storage Compartments: The multiple compartments can be used to store different kinds of edibles and can be used separately as well. Each box can be easily separated and the edibles can be consumed separately in that box.

Moisture-Proof & Anti-Spillage: The layered design enables interlocking and gives long lasting freshness to the milk powder and food stored in the container. It is an anti-spill and moisture-proof design.

Formula Powder Dispenser Funnel: The top storage has funnel shaped dispense to easily pour milk powder out. Just flip open the top lid and pour the powder from the funnel shape dispenser.

Easy To Clean And Carry: Because of its unique multi layer design, it is easy to clean the container by separating all compartments. And the container is designed to be portable with an easy to carry handle holder at the top.
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