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Mother's Corn

Mother's Corn Grow Cup 250ml Kids' Cup

Mother's Corn Grow Cup 250ml Kids' Cup

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Mother's Corn Weaning Bowl

Mother's Corn Growing Cup 310ml (Kids Cup)

After the age of using a sippy cup, the children begin to develop the habit of drinking water and drinks from the mug. However, they might bite the cups and play with it due to the habit of using a sippy cup.

Mother's Corn Enjoy Balloon Cup is made of natural corn ingredients and can be used to minimize harmful substances and tooth damage caused by hard products or stainless steel for children's healthy habits!


1. Suitable for 28months+

2. Stackable cup for easy storage

3. Non-slip silicone ring attached at the bottom

4. Large capacity - 310ml

5. Made of corn, safe for baby

6. Eco-friendly & biodegradable product

7. Durable, freezable and microwavable

⭕️ Microwave, Baby bottle sterilizer (within 1 minute)

❌ Cannot be sterilized by hot water

❌ Cannot be used in dishwasher

Cold, Heat Resistant: -20/130°C (-4/266°F)

Product Dimension: W83 x H90 x D83mm

Capacity: 310ml

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